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My device cannot be turned on. What can I do?

If your device can not be turned on please check the following points:

1. Completely discharged
After not being in use for a long period of time, batteries can be emptied completely (completely discharged). You must charge the device for a longer period of time (usually up to half an hour), before it can be used again. It can also happen that the LED case symbol in the device does not shine.

2. Charging cable
Please, check if the 12 V charging cable is still intact and that the device is being properly supplied with charge. Please verify that the control LED shines in the 12 V car charger or home charger.

3. Hardreset
When required, for the first-time, you must hold on without releasing the on/off button for approx. 10 seconds (with older devices move the on/off switch first to "on" and then to "off" and then back again to "on"). Then turn the device on. Also after the device has been completely discharged, you must hold the on/off button without releasing to turn it on. Repeat the process if necessary several times.

Note: Before carrying out a Hardreset you should make sure that the previous steps have been checked and that the device has enough charge and is being properly supplied with charge. You find out here how to perform a hardreset for a special device.

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