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How can I calibrate the touchscreen?

Most devices have the possibility to calibrate the touchscreen. The displayed software option bars and buttons can be matched exactly and precisely to your touch. Generally during the first start of your navigation system you will be asked automatically to calibrate the touchscreen. You can also do a calibration manually. In this case, please follow instructions:

"Options" - "Settings" - "Options" - "Touchscreen Calibration".    

In both cases a white screen with black text and a black cross will appear. Just follow the instructions on the screen. During the calibration process you have to touch some crosses on the screen. Just use your finger or a stylus pen (with older devices)

If you have to calibrate over and over again or if after turning on the device you are ask to recalibrate it again, this can have the following reasons:

•     The SD memory card is write protected.
▪     The map material in the SD memory card is write protected.

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