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How do I enter an address (Navigation System, MN6)?

By entering an address you will be led to the desired destination.

You can save this address (to use it later) in the actual map (next to POIs search) or by adding it to a planned route.

To enter an address, please proceed as follows:

1.     Select " New destination". Select a country. The selected county
        must be part of the actual map in use. Check this under: " Options " -
        " Settings "- " Actual map".

2.     Then on the first option line you can enter the city's name or
        alternatively the zip code.

3.     Then the street and in the following line the house number.
        Alternatively to the house number you can also define any
        crossroad (cross-road) as a destination.

4.     Now under " Options " you can continue with the given address
        or immediately select " Start navigation ".

To change between letters, numbers and symbols, please click on upper right part on the keys labeled " 123 " or " SYM ".

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