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Important notes

NAVIGON for iPhone can only be purchased through Apple's iTunes App Store.
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5.

In order to install the NAVIGON for iPhone Software to your iPhone, you need double the amount of free storage space. After the installation is complete, the extra storage space needed for the installation can be used again.

File size:

NAVIGON MobileNavigator North America: ca. 1.50GB
NAVIGON MobileNavigator US MyRegion East: 1.40GB
NAVIGON MobileNavigator US MyRegion Central: 1.40GB
NAVIGON MobileNavigator US MyRegion West: 1.40GB

Languages available (GUI and audio):
US-English, Spanish, French

  • The professional navigation solution for the iPhone
  • Text-to-Speech

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