NAVIGON operates in two business segments:


NAVIGON has made a name for itself in the mobile-navigation market with innovative software for PDAs, PNAs and mobile phones. NAVIGON develops navigation software for mobile use in this sector. NAVIGON software can be used on all hardware platforms, including PDAs, PNAs and mobile phones – and not just by end-users. It is characterised by simple and intuitive user control and its modular structure, and has been distinguished several times in tests run by reputed magazines. The software includes map material from 40 European countries, including North America, and is available in a total of 22 languages.  NAVIGON solutions, either as simply as software or as a hardware all-in-one PNA, are available from retailers or from the NAVIGON online shop. NAVIGON’s multi-award-winning innovations in this sector have made a definitive mark on development in the entire market.


NAVIGON develops personalised driving-assistant components for integrated navigation systems. In the ‘automotive’ sector, we develop navigation software to meet the specialist requirements of the automotive OEM market, along with driver assistance systems. As part of this, NAVIGON produces software solutions to functionally integrate map data with driver safety and navigation systems, as well as creating GPS software for reputable consumer electronics manufacturers, and professional, highly flexible navigation solutions for the commercial market and the automotive OEM market. In collaboration with industry, software components for map-based driver assistance systems have been developed, for example, with the goal of continuously increasing safety on the roads.  These components are used, for example, with active safety systems which provide a view of the road ahead such as bend alerts, lane closure systems and systems designs to actively monitor speed, distance control systems, adaptive bend lights, adaptive headlights with swivelling beams and adaptive chassis systems. Industry partners in the driver assistance and road safety area include SEAT, Continental and BMW. With many years of cooperation with major partners behind us, NAVIGON AG is today one of the leading navigation experts in Europe.

MN Auto™ SDK

The ideal combination of Consumer and Automotive Software

The automotive industry has for many years needed to balance the conflicting aims of shorter development times, innovation and high product quality.  The MN Auto SDK helps to answer this dilemna for Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s.  It combines NAVIGON's many years of automotive competence with its innovative and performant software from the consumer-electonics market.


Product Features

  • Supports digital map data from Navteq and TeleAtlas (planned)
  • Map of Europe on 2GB Europa-Kartenmaterial on 2GB Flash / Hard-Drive
  • Map coverage incrementally extensible country-by-country
  • Worldwide Map coverage including China (planned)
  • Precise positioning also when GPS-signal lost (Dead-Reckoning)
  • Support for TMC (including Pay-TMC)
  • Flexible Search Modes for Destination Selection
  • Support of OEM-specific POI Data
  • Extremely Fast First Advice and Route Calculation
  • Route Guidance includes "Lane guidance" and "Reality View"
  • Planned Support for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Support for Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech Speech Output

NAVIGON MapSensor™

Map Information for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Security and Vehicle Comfort are two central arguments for winnig market share in today's competitive automotive market. To help meet these needs, NAVIGON has developed the MapSensor product for the further improvement of active safety in the car.

NAVIGON MapSensor delivers information about the driving route from the digital map to the ADAS applications.

The software uses the current vehicle position (calculated from GPS and in-car sensor information) and combines the position with information from the digital map (street geometry, crossings, traffic signs and speed limits).

NAVIGON MapSensor provides the calculated data over the vehicle network (e.g. CAN-Bus) to other ADAS systems such as Curve Warning, Lane Keeping, Active Cruise Control, Lighting Systems or adaptive drive train systems.


Product Features


  • Provision of road information in the probable route of the vehicle, e.g.
  • Crossing Information
  • Street Classes, Street Names
  • Angles between Street Segments

Path Prediction

  • Calculation of the Most Probable Path

Curve Calculation

  • Calculation of the Curve Radius
  • Distance until next Curve

Traffic Sign Decoder

  • Decoding the Traffic Sign information in the Digital Map

CAN-Bus Connection

  • Transfer of the Geo-Horizon information over the standardised ADASIS-Protocol via CAN-Bus

NAVIGON „Portable Navigation Integration“ (PNI)

The intelligent connection between portable devices and in-car electronics.

NAVIGON is convinced that the integration of portable navigation devices in the vehicle can deliver a smart alternative to in-built systems. NAVIGON provides its customers already today access to its know-how in this area.

One good example concept is the pre-series steering wheel prototype developed together with the company Takata. The wheel receives navigation directions from a NAVIGON 71xx device over Bluetooth and presents them on an LCD display integrated in the wheel.

NAVIGON also supports the direct connection of PNAs and in-car electronics using third-party car-specific mounts and delivers its software to aftermarket and accessories suppliers of external navigation units.


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