Over 25 years of NAVIGON

Dear customers

NAVIGON has made for movement in navigation for over 25 years and has given so many people greater orientation and less stress in everyday life and on the road.

For strategic reasons, Garmin has taken all navigation apps - with a few exceptions - off the market on May 14th, 2018. Existing NAVIGON users can continue using their app or device as usual. You will find more information in the following and in our Support Center.

Our thanks to all our users for their many years of loyalty and support. And also to all Cruiser bikers for an exciting last year!

We wish you the very best of enjoyable travel in the future!


What exactly does that mean?

Which apps are affected?

All Garmin turn-by-turn apps are affected, including NAVIGON, NAVIGON Regions, NAVIGON Cruiser and NAVIGON select Telekom Edition.
The only exceptions are Garmin HUD EU/NA: Garmin HUD Plus or BMW HUS customers can continue to download the Garmin HUD Apps for free and to upgrade it.

What happens with my purchased app, my in-apps and subscriptions?

You can use your purchased app as usual, at least until beginning of 2020. All in-apps already purchased remain available for your use.
If you have a 1-month or 1-year subscription, the app will continue functioning as usual until the subscription period ends. If you've purchased the "Unlimited Navigation" package, you can likewise use the app until at least beginning of 2020.

Will my subscriptions expire automatically?

For iPhones: YES! The cancellation of your subscription needs no action on your part.
For Android smartphones: NO! Please cancel your subscription yourself to avoid automatic renewal. For instructions on how to do it go to our Support Center.
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What do I do if I have a problem with my app?

In case of problems, simply visit our Support Center.

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What happens with my app if I wish to change or reset my smartphone?

Once you've downloaded NAVIGON, you will still be able to restore the app – including all in-apps / subscriptions you've purchased.
There is an exception, though: a change of operating system – between Android, iPhone or Windows Phone – means, like before, that it won't be possible to restore the app! The app can only continue to be used with the operating system on which it was purchased.

Will I still get map updates?

If you've purchased FreshMaps or use a subscription based NAVIGON app, you will continue to receive map updates until your subscription period ends.

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Whether navigation devices, navigation apps or individual features - here you will find answers to everything you want to know.

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