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The new NAVIGON app combines precise navigation with individual usage life and is available not only in Europe but also in North America and Australia as a competent co-driver.

Convince yourself of the NAVIGON app and all its features during a 7-day free trial period and then decide if you want navigation for a month, a full year or even an unlimited period. The various service packages can be reserved per region and can be individually extended on a seasonal basis.

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The following countries are part of the European region:
Albania, Germany, Andorra, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Monaco, Montenegro, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City.


Map 1 Month 1 Year Unlimited
Europe 4,99€ 29,99€ 79,99€


North America

The following countries are part of the North American region:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico


Map 1 Month 1 Year Unlimited
North America 4,99€ 29,99€ 59,99€


Australia & New Zealand

The following countries are part of the region Australia & New Zealand:
Australia, New Zealand


Map 1 Month 1 Year Unlimited
Australia & New Zealand 4,99€ 25,99€ 49,99€

Simple destination search

Quick and easy navigation start

An easy destination search, combined with extremely short route calculation times, form the basis of a well thought out navigation. With NAVIGON you experience how easy and convenient navigation can be – no matter whether you navigate to an address, a point of interest, to your favorites or contacts.

Offline navigation

Navigate without an Internet connection

With NAVIGON your maps are always there. Dead spots, a slow Internet connection or high roaming costs abroad should not pose any more problems.

Current fuel prices

Save cash when refueling

Have current fuel prices within Germany directly displayed in the NAVIGON app. Thus you will always find the cheapest gas station in your area and even along your route.

Street Parking

Find free parking on the roadside

If you have NAVIGON you will no longer have to spend hours searching for parking spots. Allow yourself to be guided to actual free parking on the roadside – whether before departure or during navigation. All parking garages and official parking spots are also included, of course.

Simplicity despite multiple features

There is more to discover

NAVIGON does more than just navigate. Automatically avoid traffic jams along the way when you are on vacation, receive speed camera warnings, find the cheapest gas station in Munich or a free parking spot in the center of Berlin.
Stay oriented with traffic signs, actual signposting and dynamic lane assistance. Or plan your own route with multiple stops and look up previous itineraries.
Despite a variety of features NAVIGON is extremely easy to use. With more than 25 years of navigation experience we have only one priority: YOU.

All features at a glance

The latest maps

Your maps are always up-to-date

Every year, millions of kilometres of roads change: new roads are built, others are changed and more points of interest are integrated. Don’t worry, NAVIGON keeps you on track!
You will receive map updates from experts on a regular basis and will stay up-to-date.

  • Up-to-date maps from experts
  • Includes the latest road changes and new POIs
  • All important changes: speed limits, roundabouts, one-way streets, etc.

Current fuel prices

Save cash when refueling

Don’t let your journey become more expensive than needed.
Just choose the cheapest gas station around you or along your route within Germany, based on the official data of “Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe” (market transparency agency for fuels).

  • Always up-to-date fuel prices for gas and diesel within the app
  • Official data of “Deutsche Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe” (German market transparency agency for fuels)
  • Find the cheepest gas station around you or along your route

Street Parking

Find free roadside parking

With NAVIGON Street Parking you will find free roadside parking spots whenever you need them! No more cruising around for hours looking for somewhere to park – in future let NAVIGON do the work.
You can search for free parking spots close to your destination and set them as a new destination both before you leave and while you are on your way. You will also receive detailed information on parking hours, fees, limitations, etc.
If the situation changes at your destination, NAVIGON will let you know in time.
You are always on the safe side with NAVIGON Street Parking – if no free roadside parking is available, you can extend your search to parking garages and public parking spots.

  • Find free roadside parking spots.
  • Filter parking spots by price level and get additional info about parking times and fees
  • Start a new navigation search for a parking spot or set the parking spot as an interim destination

*Street Parking is available in: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Bonn, Cologne, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Ingolstadt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cardiff, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver.


Always have the map you need with you

Navigate without internet access! With NAVIGON you always have your maps with you and there’s no need to worry about dead spots, slow Internet connection or roaming costs abroad. In addition, you have the option to only download the maps you really need and thus free up memory on your phone.

  • Always have the maps you need with you
  • Save on roaming costs and data volume
  • Free up phone memory

Traffic alerts

Automatically bypass traffic jams to improve your trip

NAVIGON provides you with the latest traffic information – regularly and in real time. The app knows where other users are moving in free-flowing traffic and takes this information into account when suggesting the best route for you.

  • Traffic alerts are always up-to-date
  • Bypasses traffic jams automatically or upon request
  • No more time wasted while stuck in traffic jams

Speed cam alerts

Receive hazard alerts in advance

NAVIGON informs you in real time about hazards, stationary or mobile speed cameras along your way.

The app indicates the reliability of the reported speed camera position and will also let you know how much time has elapsed since the last confirmation of the speed camera and how many people ahead of you may have posted alerts. You can also report speed cams yourself to help making the service even better.

  • Mobile and stationary speed camera alerts
  • Information about the reliability of the speed camera alert
  • Together with many other users, you can make the speed camera reporting service even better

Easy destination search

Hit the road as quick as possible

Everything at a glance: Addresses, points of interestes, favorites or contacts. With NAVIGON you’ll find your destinations super fast – online or offline. A navigation home or to work can be started even quicker: By just one tap.
Outdoor fans will find remote camping spots by simply using the coordinates search.

  • Fast navigation start
  • Easy address- or POI-search
  • Speech input using Siri or Google dictation

Lane Assistant

Know the right lane in advance

Lane changing made easy: The Active Lane Assistant lets you know in advance which lanes to take long before approaching confusing road junctions and exits.
The app does an intelligent analysis of your next turn-maneuver and assists you to get into the correct lane in time to avoid swerving in and out of lanes.

Speed limit alerts & traffic signs

Keep an eye on traffic signs

The current speed limit incl. overspeeding alerts are displayed directly on the map.
Furthermore, NAVIGON lets you know about overtaking permissions, railroad- or deer crossings – and you can even set up an alert for sharp turns.

Precise voice commands

Announcements like your co-driver does

Always concentrate on the most important: The road traffic! NAVIGON provides you with precise turn announcements, indicating the right direction, distance, road names and exit numbes.

Real Roadsigns

More orientation at confusing junctions

Photorealistic images of exits and complex crossings make it easy to follow the signs.
As a result, NAVIGON will help you to manoevre through the road jungle stress-free and master confusing freeway junctions.
Furthermore, the app supports you by displaying street- and direction signboards that correspond with the actual signs in form and color.


Let them know when you'll be there

With Glympse you can send your current location and your expected arrival time to business contacts and friends to let them know of any delays in advance. This works via email, text message or WhatsApp. Glympse is fully platform-independent and doesn’t require a user account. Your friends can follow your course on any internet browser.

  • Live sharing of your position with friends or business partner right from the app
  • Includes estimated time of arrival, destination and current speed
  • No user account required

Beautiful maps

Map view with hills and valleys

Choose to display your map in 2D or three-dimensional with hills and valleys.
This realistic representation of your surroundings makes it easier to identify the routing and the landscape.

  • Representation of hills and valleys
  • Easier to find your way
  • Attractive and detailed map view

Pedestrian Navigation

Discover the city on foot

Even after you’ve parked your car, NAVIGON won’t leave you stranded. Using Pedestrian Navigation, NAVIGON guides you quickly and reliably to your destination on foot. And if you need to, NAVIGON lets you choose between recalculating your destination route automatically or manually.

  • Park the car and continue the route on foot
  • Manual route recalculation option
  • Navigation on foot back to where you parked the car

Quick access

Navigate faster to favorites or contacts before opening the app

On the iPhone you can get the distance and estimated time of arrival at your home address or favorite destinations even without opening the app. The today screen widget also displays the addresses of your calendar events for the next 24 hours and allows to navigate there quickly.

Alternative Routes

More flexibile route planning

Sometimes you want to be involved in the decision-making: Thereofe NAVIGON can offer up to three different options when calculating the route. Just choose the one that you prefer. This also works while you’re on the go. To provide greater flexibility for route planning, there is an option to enter several waypoints for your route.
In addition you can also specify whether you want to avoid freeways, ferries and expensive toll roads – or even completely eliminate them from the calculation.

  • Plan routes with several waypoints
  • Choose from three automatically generated routes
  • Specify route options

Apple Watch Support

Navigation on your wrist

You will receive turn informations directly on your wrist and get discrete taptic warnings when exceeding speed limits, approaching speed cams and traffic jams.
As a pedestrian your Apple Watch will take over and provide directions while your iPhone can stay in your pocket.