NAVIGON 4350 max to 70 Premium

  • Active Lane Assistant
  • Panorama View 3D
  • incl. Map of Europe Q3/2016 release
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This function gives you a better overview. Once the One Click Menu function is activated, the NAVIGON MyBest POIs field at the top of your display and the menu bar and the bottom of the screen are automatically hidden. The main advantage of this is that you will be shown a larger area of the map and can therefore keep a better overview of the route. The display will only show the information that is relevant to you.

Active Lane Assistant

Which lane should I be in? Sounds familiar to you? You’re in the far left lane and suddenly realise that you need to turn right. The Active Lane Assistant feature from NAVIGON shows you in hectic traffic when you need to change lanes, in which direction and in plenty of time so you won’t miss the next exit. Safe and stress-free driving with NAVIGON.

City View 3D

Realistic display of cities – just like looking out of the window Familiar with City View3D from NAVIGON? Meet the new and improved City View3D 2.0! This function displays cities as they really are – with a realistic display in 3D. Buildings are given realistic colours and roof shapes. Pavements along the road are raised slightly in the display. With this service, the images on your navigation device will be just like the view out of the window.

Landmark View 3D

Experience interesting tourist attractions in 3D: Landmark View3D displays special orientation points in a realistic way with three-dimensional imaging. You’ll be able to orientate yourself even more quickly and easily with points of interest in unfamiliar cities.


It’s not always possible to get to your destination’s door in the car. With NAVIGON Last Mile, you can save the location of your car after parking, and will be led to your actual destination on foot in pedestrian mode. And it can easily take you back again afterwards.


Always know how far away you are from your favourite points of interest with NAVIGON MyBest POIs This service is a real asset which will show you points of interest that are important to you and ensure that you keep your bearings. Choose your three favourite points of interest categories, such as filling stations, parking places or places to eat. These will then be shown to you at the top of the display screen, including the distance to the nearest POI. Alternatively, you can also choose to be shown three specific points of interest from one category, such as your three favourite fast food restaurants, for example.

Panorama View 3D

Panorama View 3D shows you the landscape in your display, not as a flat image, but in 3D with mountains and valleys. This realistic display of your surroundings makes it easier to understand the direction of the road and the landscape.

Pedestrian navigation

Discover cities without losing your way: the pedestrian navigation brings you directly to your destination, even if you’re not in your car. You will also be able to discover those hidden squares and tourist attractions. A particularly practical feature is that you can hold your NAVIGON in portrait format in your hand.

Professional Voice Command

Now, you can not only enter your destination by voice command, but can also control some of the main functions, such as menu selections and changing the volume. All without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Professional Voice Command is available in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish


Nearby sights are shown on the display screen and you can choose to be navigated to them directly. You can be shown detailed information, such as contact details, opening times, MERIAN reviews and a photo for every point of interest. Best of all, however: information on sights rated as particularly worth seeing will even be read out to you via speech output if you wish. Become an explorer – in the car, by bike or on foot!

Sightseeing Tours

Are you planning a holiday travelling in your car, on your motorcycle or on your bicycle? But you don’t know what tour you want to go on yet? Here’s the inspiration: a tour by NAVIGON Sightseeing Tours powered by ViaMichelin available for 14 European countries is already included free of charge on your NAVIGON, for example explore Salzkammergut or picturesque Tuscany. Do you love impressive buildings? Then a tour such as “The Loire chateaux” is perfect for you!